Elements of a Great P.E Lesson

A properly structured physical education lesson incorporates different elements that make it interesting and beneficial to your students. Aside from the physical benefits of a P.E lesson, it can also improve the concentration or the learning ability of your students. You should structure your pe lessons in accordance to industry standards for a great outcome for your students.

  1. A Warm Up Routine - Before starting the actual exercises, a good warm up routine is necessary to ready your muscles for exercise. It allows your students to prepare themselves physically for the intense exercises in the latter part of the session. A warm up can include simple jumping jacks or skip rope to get your students bodies ready for action. As the instructor, you can ensure that all the equipment for the next session is already set out.
  2. Main lesson -This is the main part of the pe lessons and can include a variety of work out activities. You should structure these activities according to a specific game so that it remains structured throughout. For example, if the game of the day is basketball some of the exercises could be dribbling and controlled passes while if the lesson revolves around athletics, then running or jogging is a good activity. Set a few goals for your students so that you can assess their performance during the lesson.
  3. A Cool Down Routine - After the main activities, an effective cool down routine is recommendable for you and your students. A cool down routine works in a similar way to the warm up routine only that it has the opposite effect. A simple cool down could be putting away the equipment used during the lesson or stretching. This allows your students to rest after a hard day.